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Gordonsville Elementary School!
Scott Bennett
Laurie Glover
Mary Katherine Hearn
Earah Lankford
Wendy Moss
Lacey Williams
We have an exciting and fun-filled week of learning in 6th grade! (OK, maybe to you I'm exaggerating, but I think it will be fun.) In reading, we will be continuing our ongoing work with narrative essays. Furthermore, we will read a story titled "Woodsong." I'm sure you will enjoy it.

In English, we will study adjectives and hopefully finish ch.2.

Spelling words for Sept. 15-19

middle, midnight, midday, midtown, midsummer, misstep, mischief, misbehave, misstate, misspell, coincide, coordinate, collaborate, coherent, cooperate, cosign

Continue to get your planners signed each night.

Click below to see Mr. Bennett's Porta Portal:

Reading & Language Arts

This web site is for students in Mr. Bennett's 6th grade reading and language arts class.

Upcoming Events and Homework
Tuesday Night (homework)
Due Date: September 17, 2014
Math - wks (2-10 evens)
Spelling - practice sheet
Reading - vocab. wks (Autobiographical/Narrative Essay due Thursday)
Science - project due 22nd; If you didn't get your paper signed today, have it tomorrow
Class Downloads
Answering an Essay Question.pptx
Essay Writing (56.77 KB)
narrative essay.ppt
Autobiographical Narrative (5.2 MB)
Powerpoint I shared in class about writing a narrative essay
Lobís Girl quiz.pptx
Lob's Girl - quiz (53.24 KB)
This is the quiz we took in class on Thursday, Sept. 11th

Correct answers: 1.b 2.c 3.d 4.c 5.a 6.d 7.b 8.a 9.b 10.d 11.b 12.c
autobiographical narrative.pdf
Concluding your essay (99.84 KB)
In class notes about the conclusion of an autobiographical narrative essay.
Gordonsville Elementary School
Scott Bennett
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