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posted: December 31, 1969
ClassJump.com will get a big upgrade between Christmas and New Years! The code is aleady being written and tested right now.

I'm posting this because I want to hear your ideas! What's your wish list? Post your ideas for improvements below in the comment area!

Here are some of the changes that are coming:

Your admin areas will no longer appear as "pop-ups." You will add to your calendar and manage your students right there within your website screen.

The way in which you edit fonts and colors for your site is also getting a big upgrade. It will be a LOT easier to manage.

  We're adding a nifty text editor for everyone, which behaves a lot like a tool bar within a word processing program. You'll be able to drag over any text and make it a link, make it bold, make it a different size...whatever you like! Additionally, there will be a separate area within the editor for adding your own HTML, which will instantly preview for you in the editor screen!

    We're adding a few new features too. You will be able to archive a class in the future, with one click, you'll be able to place it out of view for as long as you wish. You will also be able to order your classes in any way that you wish. Right now, classes are listed alphabetically, which isn't always the best solution. You'll be able to order them in any way that suits you after we release the new version.

Right now, when you have people who subscribe to a class, we send them an email every time you update a class.This isn't such a great system, because you might update your class ten times in one day, and who wants to get ten emails? The answer is nobody does!  This is going to be much friendlier in the future. No matter how many times you change a class in a day, there will be only one email to your subscribers, alerting them that you have added new items to a class.

At the beginning or end of a semester, you will be able to clear out all students registered for a class with one click. You will no longer be forced to do this one student at a time. Also, within your student area, you'll get a much better interface for leaving messages and picking up documents.

Photo albums will now have an option for password protection, so that only people who are authorized to look will be able to.

Some things we are not doing....

We are not and will never allow for password protection for entire sites. We have tried this in the past and the results were a disaster. Students and parents would forget the credentials and nothing short of total chaos ensued. Teachers have asked for this option in the past - and please trust me on this one - it's causes way more trouble than can be imagined for everyone.

We are also not going to be allowing for open-ended design choices for pages. The format, in general, will stay the same. Open-ended design for individual pages causes a "hunt and peck" result for students and parents. Once a student and parent become familiar with where to look for things on one page, they then know how to do it on all pages. A standard format for each page makes things easier for everyone to find what they are looking for. Your pages will look slightly different, however. They will be a lot easier on the eyes.

And now - let's hear your ideas! Post them here as a comment. I'll be looking this over and commenting on the ones we will make happen!

Before signing off, I want to thank our new hosting partners at Purplecat.net for donating $200 a month to the cost of our new server. They also donated $1,200 to ClassJump, which waived the set up fee for our new home! These are great people! Thanks so much Purplecat!

Best Wishes to everyone,

Robert Zimmerman
ClassJump, Inc is a 501(3)c non-profit public charity
Sylvia Buck October 10, 2011
I'd like to be able to adjust the homework option. The way it is now, if you check off "homework", parents think it is due that day, rather than the next day. I have had to explain this several times. I think you should let us include a due date along with the checked box.
ClassJump October 10, 2011
Great idea from Sylvia! We're on it!
Michael Rush, M.Ed. October 10, 2011
I would love to see or have some kind of "ticker" on the site to show how often it is visited, or else a feature in management where I can look at who or how often the site is visited and utilized. I hope that makes sense!
Alicia Carter October 10, 2011
I'd love for students to be able to see a calendar in calendar-format for their class; maybe like the one we enter the assignments on, or one that shows the assignment names on a calendar-format page. I think kids would interact well with the calendar view as opposed to the list view.
Estelle Britner October 10, 2011
I would like more options for the type of activities on the calendar. If you could add test, quiz and activity that might give more emphasis for parents and students.
Loretta Geiger October 10, 2011
At the end of the school year, I would like to promote a class to the next grade level in one easy step. Unless, I am missing something, this year I had to delete students from last year's grade and have them re-register for the current school year.

As the creator of my class I want to be able to delete it on my own without sending a message to classjump and waiting. I sent a message at least two weeks ago to have a class deleted and it still appears.

I am loving the new server and the speed it provides. Thank you classjump!
ClassJump Reply to Loretta Geiger:
Glad you like the new server Loretta! We do too!

Students do not need to register again for a new school year. They can and should keep the same account year after year. When they log in at the beginning of a new school year or semester, all they have to do is un-relate themselves from past classes, and then relate themselves to their new classes.

So, in effect, they are moving themselves up. The process is quite simple for them to do.

As to Deleting Classes, it's quite simple to do. All one needs to do is log in, click on the YOUR CLASSES button and then look for the trashcan icon that appears beside each class. That's the ticket right there, Loretta!
Diane McCorkle October 10, 2011
I'd love a testing module, so that I could put up a test and have students take it online. I realize that that's super complicated, though.

A drop box where students could upload assignments would be great.

A class conversation/discussion module would be great--students conversing with one another as a HW assignment.

A way for kids to upload content so that all could see it (with instructor editing/approval) would also be fantastic--bonus if they could upload photos as well as text.
ClassJump Reply to Diane McCorkle:
Thanks for the comment Diane!

More than likely, we'll never create a true testing module. The complexities involved would be something of a real mind-bender from a programming perspective. I can imagine creating a multiple-choice testing module and it's something to consider....

Student documents can be uploaded right now with the current version of the program. Students can log in, upload documents in their own drop-box, and then relate those documents to classes, which are then seen by you, within your student admin area.

As to the student discussion module concept. This is asked for all the time by students! My reaction is if they want to chat, they need to be doing that elsewhere. ClassJump is designed for students getting their work done. Each class does come with a message board option, which is quite popular with some students.

Sorry to be such a fuddy-duddy about the chat options.

Students uploading content for everyone to see...this concept makes me a bit wary, but it's something to consider....hmmmmm....

Thanks again Diane!
Thomas Allan October 10, 2011
These sound like great improvements. We use the site in Indonesia, and bandwidth is quite low. Please try to keep these improvements light on internet speed requirements, as we chose classjump mostly over other similar sites due to its speed and suitability to lower bandwidths. Cheers.
ClassJump Reply to Thomas Allan:
You bet Mr. Allan!
In fact, the next version will be faster than the current version in all respects! So hold onto your seats in 2012!
Thomas Allan October 10, 2011
An "allow all" message board administration tool would be handy. Adding each student to a moderated message board is tedious in a large school.
ClassJump Reply to Thomas Allan:
Mr. Allan again!
Great idea! We're on it!
Jared Jackson October 10, 2011
Make the site more colorful. Right now the website so soooooo boring thx =D
Ms Persaud October 10, 2011
I'd like to be able to add a link in a much easier manner than having to upload the link and then having to type the exact wording, perhaps just being able to add the link that will allow students to automatically click on the link and be taken to the site. Thanks for the hard work!!
ClassJump Reply to Ms Persaud:
Ms. Persaud,
You bet! I think you'll be very pleased with the new text editor you will be using next year. You'll be able to make links in a snap! It's really quite wonderful - I think everyone will LOVE it, LOVE it, LOVE it!
Cindy Wong October 10, 2011
It would be great if I could add Japanese text without having to do it twice. I usually type it in, save it, then have to go back in to edit it so it will stay. I love everything you have done with the sites so far. Although my school is moving towards using another system, I will continue to use Classjump as my main page!
Denise Leonard October 10, 2011
I wholeheartedly agree with Ms. Buck on the homework due date option!
ClassJump Reply to Denise Leonard:
It's happening, promise! Thanks Denise!
Jessica Shapiro October 10, 2011
I agree with Sylvia regarding homework. I would like the option to select date assigned and date due. :)

For now if I select homework I have to place the item on the day it is due which could be days away from when it was assigned, this then causes parents/students to claim they cant "find it".
Paul Boothroyd October 10, 2011

1) The ability to collapse thread messages so the important messages are left, even the chance to have sub-threads. i.e. I want students to discuss their homework task on-line but a new thread for each task would be hard to manage by the end of the year, and other threads would 'disappear' one root thread for tasks, with semester below that and task below this would be more manageable.

(A nice addition would be to create the thread directly - as an option - when setting the task, and attaching a link in the task would be nice. If you look at the Home work task for 15-Sep-2011 in NIS-mathematics / Class 11TS-PS, you will see a link to a discussion topic).

2) The ability to add a file to a message; at present I put the file on a Task then embed a link.
Denise Leonard October 10, 2011
Is it possible to have an option for start and end dates on assignments (events and homework) so that repeating assignments do not have to be entered daily nor deleted from past or previous events and homework?
Jessica Shapiro October 10, 2011
I agree with Sylvia regarding homework. I would like the option to select date assigned and date due. :)

For now if I select homework I have to place the item on the day it is due which could be days away from when it was assigned, this then causes parents/students to claim they cant "find it".
Lundy October 10, 2011
I would like to be able to separate my "uploads" into different classes/categories. Right now when I go to my documents, I have to search through all the documents for a specific one, if I could divide them out into different classes/subjects it would be easier.
ClassJump Reply to Lundy:
Great idea! This one is going to happen! Stay tuned for document categories in 2012!
Paul Boothroyd October 10, 2011
One other suggestion on the message board.

The topic list could do with a timestamp of the latest amendment, and who by, on that thread so we can see easily if it has been updated.
donna October 11, 2011
i agree with the "allow all" option on the message board. Along those same lines, I would love the ability to upload directly to the message board for students to comment on-instead of having them go to the articles link and then back to the message board to comment. i also would love to have the students to be able to respond directly on another post by having a comment box next to or underneath the specific post. its easier to read, instead of one continuous strand of posts, and then having to scroll up to find what/who a post is referring to. i hope that makes sense. Its basically the ability to comment on a comment-it should be visually connected??
Chris Putman, Assistant Professor of Media October 11, 2011
I am new to Class Jump, and I am anxious to see how my university students will respond to it. Trust me, they don’t keep track of their deadlines any better than students in grade school, so this will be a helpful tool.

While setting up, I noticed two things I’d like to see added. One is spell check. I later noticed I had a typo. I can't complain to my students about spelling if I have errors on my page.

Secondly, I post pictures of my students from our field trips on Facebook. They love to see their photos and share them with friends. On this site, I had to upload the pics one at a time. Can an option be added where I can add them one folder at a time?

Thanks for this tool and being open to our ideas. I’m excited about putting it to use.
ClassJump Reply to Chris Putman, Assistant Professor of Media:
Mrs. Putman!

The good news is that our next text editor coming in 2012 has spell check! Woo Hoo!

The bad news is that Facebook has millions and millions of dollars to spend on photo-upload technology and we're lucky if we have two nickles to rub together most of the time. Sorry! One photo upload at a time, until we're as Flush as Facebook, which I can't imagine happening any time soon.
MaryLou McKenna October 11, 2011
I agree with others who have suggested a "date assigned" and "date due" feature. I'd also like to suggest that a student (perhaps who has been absent) be able to run a list of homework assignments between chosen dates. That allows the student to get right to work on missed work without having to have constant online access.
Amber Toth October 11, 2011
I would like to be able to click on the documents that my students share with me, edit them in word, and then send them back to them. Is there a way to upload individual documents for individual students? So, Jane submits her essay, I grade and edit it on Word, and upload it to that student.
ClassJump Reply to Amber Toth:
This is a good point, Amber. Right now, documents are a one-way deal. Students can send documents to teachers, but teachers can not upload documents for students! This suggestion is going to happen.
Elizabeth Henrikson October 11, 2011
Good morning,
As far as sending messages, I have 2 requests:
1. I would love it if the messages showed up in paragraph format (just like how they look when I type them).
2. I would love to be able to send out a message to multiple classes...instead of having to copy and paste the same message to each time.

Thanks again for this website. I REALLY want to thank you for the improvements in speed!

Gina Fusco October 11, 2011
1. I second sending students documents individually, especially after editing an essay for a student, I would like to be able to send it back.

2. In the student window, I would like the ability to remove old documents/messages.

Thank you! I LOVE this website and its capabilities. I appreciate the simple format and would not want that to change. My students/parents like it as well. Keep up the amazing work.
ClassJump Reply to Gina Fusco:
Thanks Gina!

We're working on the documents between students and teachers and I think you'll be very pleased with the results.

Removing Student Documents isn't exactly what one might think. A document uploaded by a student "belongs" to that student - so it is actually up to them to remove it. We could easily create a little program that would remove it from your view, but the document would still be on the server, because we consider it as the property of the student.
Marie Gravely October 11, 2011
I would like to see the calendar in a calendar format. Also, my class has 2 teachers and we have to use the same log in. Could we have separate log in IDs.
Is it possible to monitor who has been on the site. For example, I can see how many view a message board topic but I cannot see who viewed it.
This is a great service you provide and any and all improvements will be greatly appreciated. Thank you and God Bless You and everyone who makes this service possible.
ClassJump Reply to Marie Gravely:
We're strongly considering offering a calendar format for students. It's a hot topic between the two guys who actually make all this happen.

The internal debate goes as follows: With our current LIST format, no one can say that an assignment or activity wasn't seen, because it's right there to read on the page. With a calendar format, one must CLICK on the date to see what is there. In other words, a calendar format requires TWO clicks and our current LIST format only requires one click.

We are leaning towards a calendar OPTION, so it can be seen both ways, as a list or as a calendar...that's where it stands currently, but the internal debate continues on the best way to make everyone's upcoming calendar items be unavoidable and clear.

We're thinking hard about this one! We think our current LIST format is best as a default, but a calendar OPTION is also a good idea as well.

Mrs. Cutolo October 11, 2011
I had scholastic.com as my webpage before and that was password protected and while it may have seemed to cause problems, I did not encounter them. I would like to upload more of my documents, class videos etc, but I do not want just anyone to have access to my personal information that I have created. In addition to a password protector, it would be nice to have an on-line blog that students can respond to, on-line tests that they could take and their scores submitted to me via email.
ClassJump Reply to Mrs. Cutolo:
Mrs. Cutolo,

I admire Scholastic a great deal. I have even worked for them as a freelancer many times and can tell you from experience that they are first class. Scholastic is a remarkable company.

That said, I also think it's fair to say that their attempt to offer teacher web sites was an internal corporate failure, which they probably regret taking on. They pulled the plug on all their sites for teachers and simply walked away. I wish they had not decided to do that. The way I see things, the more resources teachers have, the better. ClassJump is just one of many.

ClassJump is a very small but dedicated non-profit. We will never walk away from you here. We LISTEN very carefully to what teachers and students say and try to help you accomplish your goals. We do not have the money that Scholastic has by any measure, but we do LISTEN and we listen very carefully at all times.

One of the requests we hear over and over is "I want my site password protected".

TRUST ME IN THIS ONE: It's simply a bad idea on a LOT of levels, Mrs. Cutolo.

My opinion: Scholastic was not listening to users carefully enough and passwords to sites was a deal-breaker for parents and students in many cases.

Know This: Every day, I answer dozens of emails from TEACHERS and even more from STUDENTS asking for their user names and passwords. People forget them, lose them, or never receive these credentials because they enter incorrect email addresses.

We also have copyright concerns to deal with on a regular basis. Teachers upload copyrighted materials and then we are contacted by the copyright holders and asked to remove those materials. A password protected site could act as a portal for storing and distributing materials that are not legal.
Brian Trevor, D.M.A October 11, 2011
I absolutely agree with no blanket password protection for this site. I've had so many students and parents say they could not get into Edline (which our school district has) because they could not remember their password. I looked for a site that did NOT have a general password and now there are no excuses.

If I come to change the date on an assignment - say to give 2 extra days. The only way I have found to do that is copy my text of the assignment and then erase it and start over on a new date, inserting the previous text. A simple change on the calendar date, such as Google calendar, would be a good feature. Thanks for such a great job! Cheers
Liza Cross October 11, 2011
I would like to open all the threads at once in the message board rather open one thread at a time. This take longer time that I wish to spend. Is this possible?
ClassJump Reply to Liza Cross:
Ms. Cross,

You are not alone here in wanting the message boards to be better. We're on it! Your message boards are going to be much improved in 2012. Hang on to your hats, everyone! Can you hear the keyboards clicking here and thousands of new lines of code being added?
Miss Coldwell October 11, 2011
I would love a "Links" bar. I use this site to post a lot of outside resources for my class, and having the links in plain sight rather than hidden in a news article would be really useful for my students.
ClassJump Reply to Miss Coldwell:
The links bar is officially approved by the two guys that make this happen! Believe me, consensus isn't always this easy, but this idea is a no-brainer! Your very own link bar is coming to ClassJump in 2012! Thanks for the idea Miss Coldwell! We're on it.
Gina Fusco October 12, 2011
I second the "links" bar as stated by Miss Coldwell. This would be a great addition to the site.
ClassJump Reply to Gina Fusco:
Indeed! See above. We're on that idea like yellow on saffron!
Georgina Smith October 12, 2011
We're in the process of evaluating this type of technology for an inner city school and home usage/issues. Having a way to capture usage data would be very helpful and strategic as we write our technology goals.
Camile Betances October 12, 2011
All of these changes sound amazing! I love you guys and I am so happy that so many other teachers are jumping on board and that you are making the site better than ever! ;)
Thanks for all you do!!
ClassJump Reply to Camile Betances:
Did Camille say "JUMPING"? Approved!
Ryan Bailey October 12, 2011
Lots of great ideas! Wonderful stuff here and thanks for all your great work on this site.

I was wondering if it was possible to have some sort of twitter update: if I update the site it would go out as a "tweet" instead of an email. I know a lot of my students are checking FB and Twitter more than their email, and I'm just trying to figure out how to hit them on all fronts. Thanks for considering.
Chris Cashman October 12, 2011
I teach Spanish, and it doesn't seem like accents and "enye"s are supported on here. Please enable this, at least to be copied and pasted from Word into text boxes here.
Lois Walker October 12, 2011
I completely agree with the calendar view option as opposed to the list view option. BOTH have their place. But I think it's more user-friendly for teachers to have a calendar option visible that we can copy and paste with the assignments on it for units we do not change. I teach semester classes, and it would be more manageable for me to copy/paste/adjust assignments from the semester before instead of retyping/uploading all of them.

Or alternatively, a way to add assignments by unit without dates involved . . . like in the class downloads section. Except instead of everything together in one box for the entire semester or year, one box per chapter or unit. It's too much in one space to do it that way, but doing it by dates means that we are retyping assignments often, which should not be necessary.

I hope this is making sense. I'm better at visualizing it than I am at explaining it.
ClassJump Reply to Lois Walker:
The calendar option (view as calendar instead of list) is officially approved and coming in 2012!
Ken Ferguson October 12, 2011
I would like the ability to have a "printer friendly" version of my site. As it is now, if you want to print your site it prints everything rather than the classes area where assignments are posted. I would like it to print similar to news websites that allow you to print an article without all of the advertising or side bars.
Lisa Hyland October 13, 2011
I would love to have a "forward" feature for the email. As it is now, i dont always notice when a student emails me. If i could have them all automatically forwarded to my school account, so all emails are in one place and i have only one place to check for correspondence, i would be more likely to get back to them in a timely way!
Veronica da Silva October 13, 2011
Hello and thank you, thank you, thank you for the wonderful site. I've been using it for three years and my students and I love it. We really appreciate everything you continuously do to make it better and easier for all of us.

Will it ever be possible to add short videos to the photo albums? It would be wonderful to be able to share these with the students' families.

Thank you!
Lester Pike October 13, 2011
Great work! Congratulations and a BIG thank you to all at Classjump. This site is a wonderful tool within our school and particularly within our grade. Keep up the good work!
ClassJump Reply to Lester Pike:
Thanks for your kind words, Mr Pike!
I guarantee that we will indeed keep up the good work for everyone involved here!
Melissa October 13, 2011
A follow up to Lundy's comment/request:
Beside the ability to group assignments by "classes/catagories", will it be possible to have folders within a class's "downloads"? For example, I keep most of my downloads there for an entire semester. Will it be possible to have folders under the downloads area that I can give a name to, then put documents into. So I would have a "Chapter 1" folder (which contains the downloads for chapter 1), a "Chapter 2" folder, a "chapter 3" folder, etc.; all of which would be visible to both students and teachers.
Thanks, and keep up the great work. The teachers at my school love ClassJump!
ClassJump Reply to Melissa:

Thanks and so glad teachers at your school find what we do is beneficial to them! I love to hear that!

Unfortunately, adding your own directories(folders) to your ClassJump site isn't in the works and we more than likely will never offer this option. Well...I should never say never, but it won't happen with our next upgrade. We're just two guys, up late at night for you. Hopefully this isn't a deal breaker.
Rachel Thibault October 13, 2011
I wish for a couple features. Within the upload documents section, I wish we could designate individual folders (i.e. Quarter 1, Quarter 2, etc.) As it is now, everything is just listed in alphabetical order. It would be easier for the students (and me) to find and manage documents if they could be a little bit better organized. Second, I wish there were some way to host a discussion or chat that is more 'live'....like a discussion forum where I can post a question or topic and have the students respond to me, as well as to each other. IF these features do exist and I just dont know about it, please please let me know. Thank you so much for continuing to improve the site.
ClassJump Reply to Rachel Thibault:
Ms Thibault,

I think you will like the new way you can organize your documents by categories in our upcoming upgrade. Melissa (above comment) mentioned this idea too and I may have missed her point. We will be letting you add DOCUMENT CATEGORIES ( add a class document and relate it to a category) in the next version, which I THINK will solve your concerns and Rachel's (above) as well.

To your second point regarding "live chat".

I agree that would be grand. We have programmed that sort of live chat for other servers with smaller audiences, but such a "live chat" feature here, with so many students and teachers active, would increase our server demands and costs a great deal, which we can not afford at the present time.

Perhaps one day? I hope so, Rachel!
Paul Eichen October 13, 2011
Ditto to threading the message board so that students can have full on conversations about stuff they post in a "response to" type of format.

ClassJump Reply to Paul Eichen:
Mr. Eichen,

We're programming a major upgrade to the message boards, which I hope you and your students will enjoy. Big boost to that area of your site! Imagine fingers working over-time. That's us right now!
Kara October 13, 2011
Some of my students do not have e-mail addresses so it prevents them from registering...Can this be addressed?
ClassJump Reply to Kara:

For the very young students at ClassJump, a parent email address is fine to use. Please tell your parents to use that.
Cathy Malin October 13, 2011
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! ClassJump has been a life saver!! The one thing I have needed this semester is a more user-friendly way to receive students assignments. Perhaps a dropbox?? When my students uploaded their PowerPoint to submit for my evaluation, it went to each persons "My Documents", but I couldn't view it. Did I do something wrong?
ClassJump Reply to Cathy Malin:

You got it! We're on that one! Stay tuned. We're listening and hopefully helping you achieve your goals in 2012.
K. Combs October 13, 2011
I just started my site last week...and I LOVE IT!! And then I saw the notice that ClassJump was going to get even BETTER! :-)

I have noticed something--and it's a small thing, really. I cannot see the list of people (names, if not email addresses) who have subscribed. I tested this feature, but my test names didn't show up on my "email these students" list. (My questions: Does that mean these test emails won't get there? Or is the list of names also considered private, like the emails? Or do students need to *register* as opposed to *subscribe*? I've been telling them to subscribe...)

Also, the ability to highlight text within posts would be helpful--this way I can change a due date or emphasize something without resorting to CAPS or *stars*.

Thank you for the wonderful site!
ClassJump Reply to K. Combs:

Glad you love ClassJump. I do too!

You can see your subscribers by clicking on the YOUR CLASSES button and then beside each class there is a link to view your list. You can view and edit the email addresses for subscribers for each class there.

When a student registers for a class and gives themselves a user name and password, this is an entirely different list, which will appear in your STUDENT administration area. Student email addresses are not revealed here.

As to highlighting text. The new and wondrous text editor that is coming in 2012 will provide you with lots of nifty options for making text bold, italic, bigger and even a different color! It's the answer you and others have been hoping for! Woo hoo!
Caroline Tubbs October 13, 2011
Your devotion and work in giving us classjump is greatly appreciated! The groundswell of new schools/teachers verfies what an essential service you are providing.

I echo one suggestion: Being able to critique a student's paper in Word, using the Add Comments feature, and returning it to the student would be great.

Thanks for all you do.
Caroline Tubbs
Mr. Coblentz October 13, 2011
ClassJump has been great! I'd like to see an improvement in loading photos, specifically loading an album of photos.
Heidi October 14, 2011
Okay, let me start by saying that this site is awesome and I can't begin to thank you enough for making this available for us. I have several suggestions that will make the site even more awesome! First, I'd like to revisit the idea of chat. I don't want a chat room where my kids can just go chat, but it would be cool if I could set up a real time chat hosted by me. For example, if I know the kids have a project deadline and I want to be available for one hour the night before for live question/answer. That would be a lot less annoying than trying to do the same thing over the message board.
My next suggestion is about message boards. Actually it is two suggestions. 1). I would like to be able to archive a message board for later perusal. I don't want to leave the board up forever, but I sometimes want to keep them a while. For example, I allow my administrator to look at my site as part of my year end evaluation. I like to show the kid's participation and comments because they reflect the engagement level that is inspired by this site. It's just a thought. 2) I would love for the message boards to either read from the bottom up so we always see the newest comments first, or for them to always open in view of the newest comment. Maybe I'm lazy, but I hate scrolling all the way to the bottom of a long discussion thread every time I post a comment.
Finally, I am really hoping you can solve a big problem I have. I love classjump and so do the kids. My fifth grade partners love the idea of classjump, but I don't know that maintaining their own website is really in their plans at the moment. Therefore I host the website for our entire grade level. It would be great if I could have multiple teachers on one site so that the kids could send them messages and documents without them having to do their own sites. I don't think that is ever going to happen. They are great teachers, but technology is just not their thing. They would use it if I was able to do all the dirty work.
Again, thanks for all you do. The kids are always so excited about this site and so am I. You rock!
Sonya Stowe October 14, 2011
My students and I love this site! I just started using it this year and it is great!

I agree with Chris Cashman's suggestion on Oct. 12. I am also a Spanish teacher and the site does not like my accents or any other special characters (like quotation marks) so if something could be done to fix that it would be awesome.

I was also wondering if it would be possible to have the option to make the class description on the home page and the class description on the class pages different. I would like the home page to be basic and the class pages more detailed.

Did I already say Class Jump is great?
It is!!!!! It is!!!!!!! It is!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Desiree October 14, 2011
Hi Im one of the kids on classjump. I got an idea. What if us kids send messages to each other so if the teacher we send a message to does not respond back we will ask each other for help? And call it student to student
ClassJump Reply to Desiree:
If ClassJump had a nickle for every time a student sent an email asking for a student to student chat area, we'd would be self-funded for a thousand years to come.

Short answer: It's not going to happen, not now, not never.

Longer answer: A student chat would open up a virtual Pandora's Box of potential trouble and abuse here. Like many students Desiree, I know you think only the best of other people and that's wonderful. Keep the faith. The sad reality of the internet is that it's those very few bad apples in the bunch who seem to be just out to cause trouble and make other people feel bad. A student chat would be just what those few unfortunate young people would race to faster than a cat on a hot tin roof.
Heidi Long October 14, 2011
Oh yes, one more thing (and perhaps it was already said). My kids will sometimes pose a question to the other kids in the discussion board and the answers to the question get buried in the other posts. Could there be a way to reply to a specific post as a thread on that actual post? This would make the discussion boards a bit more user friendly.
By the way, if you want to know how popular this site is with my students here is a bit of proof for you. I opened the discussion board on Wednesday and it has already been viewed over 2,000 times by the 75 students I serve. Kids really love it!
ClassJump Reply to Heidi Long:
The new and wildly improved message board will have a "QUOTE" feature. All you'll have to do is click on "quote" and the post you are referring to will become part of your post! It's great! Stay tuned to this channel for 2012! It's going to be G R E A T!
Lori Blank October 15, 2011
So many great ideas above. Most importantly, I need to enter things in multiple languages and not have an a w/an accent turn into a circle and a capital a. Please make things German and Spanish-friendly. I agree w/the comments about homework, quizzes, tests, projects, a calendar, categories for documents. I would also like to be able to move students when they sign up for the wrong class by accident.

Also, I often post from my iphone, so a scroll bar would be helpful to proof the text I'm entering.
Mrs. Heerdt October 15, 2011
Will we someday be able to post video clips?
ClassJump Reply to Mrs. Heerdt:
Mrs Heerdt,

If you are familiar with copying and pasting "embed tags" from such services as You Tube or Vimeo or Teacher Tube (which I like a lot) you can copy and paste those tags here any time, in any area of your content. Starting in 2012, we are going to make it a lot easier to do so.

However, streaming video from a web server is very expensive and we can not support videos being show that reside directly on the ClassJump server. We pay a lot already and just barely can afford to offer what we offer.

When you are using "embed "tags" from other services, you are using the resources of that server and not the resources of the ClassJump server, so this in effect costs us nothing.

The majority of what ClassJump pays for each month is bandwidth - which can be understood simply as data transfer, such as the transfer of data to you and your students in the form of file downloads, or in this case the transfer of a very tiny packet of data from me to you in the form of a reply.

SO - upload your videos to services such as You Tube or Vimeo or even Teacher Tube! Then copy the embed tag they provide and paste it into your own site at ClassJump. Problem solved!
Mario Sousa-Peña October 15, 2011
First of all, thank you for not only bringing up the coolest and closest thing to Blackboard I know, but also for allowing us, your 'customers' and fans to have input in your upcoming upgrade!!

I have several suggestions/requests, some of which have already been mentioned above, but here they go anyway:

First, could you please add the ability for us to create sub-directories within classes for different categories ((e.g. Homework, study Guides, etc.), or at least a tagging system for the same purpose?

Second, some of my classes have recurring and repeating assignments and events; could you add to your calendar the ability to copy recurrent calendar entries?

Finally, is there a way to generate a "behind-the-scenes" area for us teachers to store assignments and resources that we are not yet ready to release to our students because we may be working on (and perfecting, modifying, etc.) them at different locations, but we need to have accessible to us for when we do? A sort of micro-cloud...

Again, thank you for all your work and enthusiasm!
ClassJump Reply to Mario Sousa-Peña:

I'm glad you think what we offer is "cool". The thought never occurred to me that we're viewed that way! Watch out, we might start getting an attitude!

Your sub-directories request is something I hear requested from time-to-time. I am always confused about what these directories would be used for. A directory is essentially a folder on the server, just like any folder that you have on your own computer. You organize files on your personal PC by placing them into unique folders, or directories. On a web server however, I can not see the value to teachers in allowing for this. Perhaps I am missing something...

A new document system is coming which may be what you really want in which you will be organizing all of your files into categories, which will be a big improvement for 2012. Perhaps this will be the solution you are looking for? I hope so!

Recurring and repeating assignments...This is a rather sticky one from a programming perspective. We're kicking it around. Stay tuned.

A "behind-the-scenes" area...The answer to this one is going to be our new "archived classes" option. You will be able to build entire classes along with their associated documents and calendar items in an archive, or private area that only you can see. How about that?

I've decided against wearing sunglasses while writing replies. Thanks for thinking we're cool though!
Susan October 15, 2011
I'm sorry to hear that uploading pictures won't be any easier. As an elementary teacher that's how I get my parents to the site is to see pics of their child.

I am very excited about making it easier to add links as I use my classjump to organize my lesson and websites more than any other feature.

Thanks for a great website. How will we learn to use the new updates? Will anything on our page be lost?
Cherry October 15, 2011
I really appreciate this website and it is useful for us teachers who cannot afford to have an access online. It is also a way of communication to their students. This is really NICE and wonderful website.

Thank you CLASSJUMP!

This is only my suggestion, I think it is okay if in uploading documents, that they will appear the process how to send it. Because some of my students regret to click the (envelope)sending icon. They sometimes missed their submissions. Or maybe one click away to send it. Looking forward for this matter.

ClassJump Reply to Cherry:

I think I understand your suggestion to be as follows:

A student uploads a document and after the file arrives on the server, they are immediately prompted to do something with that document, such as relating it to a class.

Currently, the process is in two parts. The document is uploaded, and then the student must take an additional step to relate that document to a class.

I think that simplifying this process into one easy step is a very good idea and don't know why it had never occurred to me before! It seems so obvious!

It's happening! Thanks Cherry!!!!
Lorraine October 16, 2011
Thank you for the changes especially to the link portion. Is it possible to hide from the public all of previous assignments and only keep current ones available or a place for the teacher to store information not obtainable to the public? As it is now everyone can hit past assignments and see everything.

A second request would be can you make classjump so that my students could post their work on it like beachboard or some of the other sites used by schools?

Again, thank you for the new updates. I look forward to using them.
I love this site.
a. Holland October 16, 2011
It would be nice to have a chat area within our school login so what even school we are under we can chat with others that have an account under our school login so we can do work with or chat about school work and school related stuff and with strict rules and stuff so really like IM within our school.
Cathy Dintelman October 16, 2011
I wish we could save items posted to homework instead of deleting them so we could repost again next year.

My parents really use this site a lot. Love it!!
Susan October 17, 2011
I Love Classjump! I'm disappointed that adding photos to albums won't be any faster, but do appreciate the unlimited photos that the site can hold.

I would like to upload my own video if at all possible and skip putting it on youtube and then linking it to my classjump.
ClassJump Reply to Susan:

One thing that you might want to consider when taking photos that are intended for your web site is to set your camera to the lowest possible resolution. Your web browser can only display images that are 72 DPI (dots per inch). Digital cameras are capable of taking very high resolution images, and those files are very large and consequently take a great deal of time to upload.

Lower resolution files are much smaller and faster to upload and they will look just fine on your web site as well.

Video streaming as I mentioned above is simply something we can not afford. Videos gobble up our precious and expensive server bandwidth at a rate that is a real deal-breaker for us budget-wise. Perhaps some day we'll receive funding to support this.

Are their any philanthropists reading this who just happen to love supporting teachers as much as we do? Hello there!
Dara October 17, 2011
A calendar that shows the whole month for the students and parents to see. This will allow them to see deadlines and future assignments. If they click on these specific assignments, then the details for that assignment open up. It should also have a link (similar to the past assignment link) for previous and future months.

Also, if you offered a quiz area (similar to quia) that would be awesome! I love the message boards, but to add an option to give quizzes would be nice too.

Thank you so much for all you do. I truly enjoy using your site and have spread the word among my fellow teachers. =)
ClassJump Reply to Dara:

Good news! The calendar view requested by yourself and others is in the works! Prepare yourself for happiness in 2012!

The Quiz Builder is something we'll need to put on the wish-list for another time. I'd like to make this happen, but it's a bit of a big-ticket item for us to handle right now. We're just two guys with four computers doing the best we can!

And by all means Dara, spread the word! The more the merrier!
Vega Lee October 18, 2011
I would like to echo the request for a visual calendar-based format for homework. Students are very visual and can easily misread a date or miss a date that specifies homework. If homework is posted using a calendar, students can organize their time and understand exactly how much time they have for assignments without referring to another calendar.
Classjump rocks!
Dr. Marie Borrazzo October 18, 2011
I would like to have school-wide parent contact available as I would in Outlook express...and to also be able to contact the parents directly online...I.E. more accessible forms of communication.
Seth October 18, 2011
There is a typo:
• We're adding a nifty text editor for everyone, which behaves a lot like a tool bar within a word processing program. You'll be able to drag over any text and make it a link, make it bold, make it a different size...whatever you like! Additionally, there will be a separate area within the editor for adding your own HTML, which will instantly preveiw for you in the editor screen!

Preview not preveiw.. it bugged me :P
ClassJump Reply to Seth:
Be bugged no longer, Seth! Edited!
The rush to publish good news and all that. Thanks!
Lorelei Howard October 18, 2011
Great site!! Many teachers at our school use it. One thing that I would like to see is a timestamp on the file that is uploaded from students. Students have a timestamp on their screen; however, teachers just see the file. Thoughts?

Great work!
ClassJump Reply to Lorelei Howard:
Time stamp on student documents!
Coming for 2012!
Great idea!!!
Christin Kaminsky October 18, 2011
I'm not sure if this has been suggested yet or how easy this would be, but what about allowing the students the ability to use the discussion boards to create their own threads and be able to respond back and forth to each other.

I also would like to receive an alert from the website when a student sends me a message. I don't check ClassJump every day, so sometimes I miss messages from students.

Perhaps these are already available, and I don't know how to access this information.

Thanks for a great website!
Mr. Ortiz October 19, 2011
I would love to be able to send assignments via a blog feed.
Lisa Panek October 20, 2011
I have a class where it is project based. Is there a way that documents and assignments could be posted for more than just one day? In other words have the ability to have a time frame instead of just one day with an assignment or documents.
Robert Wolfe October 20, 2011
Robert Z.
Thank you SO much for everything the site ALREADY accomplishes.
I understand the constraints you are sticking to for design - but could we possibly have the choice of minor changes PER CLASS. For example...the English classes have a tan background...the Math classes a light green...yada..yada. Color coding class navigation can be a helpful tool without having to invoke new site "templates".

ClassJump Reply to Robert Wolfe:
Mr Wolfe,

This color coding idea is something we'll keep in mind for a future upgrade. This upgrade is primarily about function and not cosmetics - although if teachers and students are using up-to-date browsers, they will see a much nicer display.

We're not finished improving with this ONE upgrade, Robert! Your idea is a good one and is on the board.
Ariel Maldonado October 21, 2011
This is very needed for me, and I am sure for many others:

To be able to "Copy" the entire day of lesson plans by subject into another day in the "Add Homework/Event" section.
Currently, we have the option to "Move" the day to another one through the "Change Date" option, but sometimes, let's say the Lesson Plan of one day will be repeated the next day, so I need to copy again what I have on today's date.
What I am doing now is that I select all text of one day, copy in clipboard, create new lesson in the next day or future date (after a weekend for instance), go in and paste the contents of the day before! It's long and time consuming.

I envision the option to select a Lesson Plan of one day, and next to the option of "Change Date" that presently exists (to move), one to be "Copy to Date". ** To make it easier for you (performance wise), with the option of Copy Files/Attachments? Sometimes I don't need the files again, because they are posted already on the day I want to copy, I don't need to copy the files, it's just the comments. But it could be beneficial for others to copy the files again...
After I copy the lesson I write in the title **CONTINUATION** of lesson, this could be an added bonus if you add this with the option to erase it in the editing but will save time and would let know that it is a copy of previous lesson!
Eileen Murphy October 23, 2011
Hello, I am brand new to this site. So far I am getting it. I would love to highlight power points. Is this possible? As an Occupational Therapist I would also like links for teachers only. Is this possible just want to thank you for an easy way of getting out the info to parents and to students.
Laura Breault October 24, 2011
I would love to see a calendar in the upper right corner so students could see what was due at a quick glance. Thanks! Love this site!
- virtualclassroomonline - October 24, 2011
I want to keep in touch with old students too. I don't want to erase the students at the end of the semester. Let the students be added as much as i can as like adding friends in facebook.
Gloria Panzera October 24, 2011
Love the calendar view idea, sometimes the site seems a bit too blogish. Also, would like to be able to create folder with resources that that students can access.
ClassJump Reply to Gloria Panzera:
The calendar option is coming, Gloria! I think the new document categories option will provide you with the "create a folder" desires you are hoping for as well!
Ruggiery Jules October 24, 2011
I'd like a chat thing that student can communicate together so if the teacher gives you homework and the teacher is not their to respond to the message the student can just ask one of the students who are online, but the only thing is I'd like for the student to don't put any horrid or profanity while communicating.
Heidi October 25, 2011
Sorry, one more thing. I wonder if it would be possible to show the date/time each student last logged in. Maybe a time stamp by their name in the class list? I would like to be able to see how often the kids are using the site without having to search through discussion boards or reading a million messages. That would just be awesome!
ClassJump Reply to Heidi:

The idea of knowing when a student last logged in has grown some legs here! Thanks for the great suggestion! Coming for 2012!
Jenny Kobernik October 25, 2011
I second the comment on printer friendly websites. It would be nice if you could print an entire week, or month, or class unit to use in the future for planning. Otherwise, I love this site and plan to continue using and recommending it.
ClassJump Reply to Jenny Kobernik:

Better printing options are on the horizon at ClassJump! Good news for everyone who still loves paper! Thanks for your help!
zeandre monteiro October 26, 2011
im new to this but I think we should add a printer mark so if you lose your homework or anything important you can just click the print button. Thats what I think and thanks for reading
Liddell October 26, 2011
As an Art teacher & a practicing artist, I find that from an educator's standpoint, it is a very informative site, however, it lacks a visual appeal.

Can the interface be more visually appealing or attractive?

Katelin Ebert October 27, 2011
Could we create an option to click on a class that will take us to a different page with the list of websites I have up? Right now, my homepage has my classes. Underneath each class there is a list of 10-40 websites for students and parents to look at, which is a super long list for 6 classes (and soon to be more). It would be much less overwhelming if all they saw on the homepage were the classes, and from there, could go to the specific class page with more info. Did that make sense, because stuff sometimes makes sense in my mind but when I type it, no one understands...
Callie Effler October 27, 2011
I would like to see a calendar where teachers can type in each day's homework assignments, project due-dates, reminders of school events, and other things like that. It would be a huge help to keep track of things.
Carrie Brooks October 28, 2011
I love Classjump and have really been able to use it as a great tool for teaching my Photography classes in a school with VERY limited photo resources. The teacher I replaced was still ONLY teaching darkroom photography two years ago when she retired. I implemented a digital component as a major part of the class, but getting the digital equipment (cameras, computers, a shared network, etc.) has been a huge challenge. So, I have really relied on the students to do a lot of the work at home, and Classjump has made that possible! They take their photos at home and upload/send their assignments via Classjump. Then I create an album and we conduct class critiques using an LCD projector. It’s like show and tell--they love this!!! So, the part that I would like to add, if possible, is to allow students to comment on photos that I upload to certain albums; for example: if I create an album with 25 photos, I would like for them to be about to comment on photos (like Facebook). There comments would be constructive criticism they would add to their classmates’ photos in the form of an online critique. I have used the discussion board for this in the past, but it took time for me to go back and forth between the album and the discussion board. If they could comment on photos and respond to others comments, it would be a great tool for my class. Thanks for considering this idea and keep up the great work! 
ClassJump Reply to Carrie Brooks:
Ms. Brooks!

Comments on photos! LIKE!
On your great suggestion, this is going to part of our upgrade for 2012!
Melissa Kevonian October 28, 2011
I'd like to be able to view my classes in a calender format instead of a list, then the students can look ahead to see what's coming up and what they missed.
Rick Brown October 28, 2011
I am fairly new to the site and am wondering if there is a way to link several "sites" to one login?
I teach science for 2 grades and I coach tennis and ski racing. The parents of these are going to frustrated if they get several update notifications that do not relate to them. If there is a way to switch from site to site that I don't know about, please inform me or include in revisions?
ClassJump Reply to Rick Brown:
First off Rick, thanks for the donation to our 501(3)C non-profit. Every penny we receive goes straight back into paying for the server that everyone here counts on.

Since you are a new-comer here, I think you'll find that creating multiple classes is the answer you are looking for. The subscription service will send emails only to those people who subscribe to specific classes.

We're also upgrading this subscription feature for 2012, and it will be much more useful to teachers and subscribers. Stay tuned!
Lillie McNeill October 30, 2011
A note from our parents: they want to have the ability to enter more than one e-mail address so that both the student and the parent can receive e-mails and updates. Also so far, our students and parents are not complaining about multiple e-mails when assignments are updated. They prefer to KNOW>
ClassJump Reply to Lillie McNeill:

We're allowing for the same email for different students in 2012. The entire registration process is being upgraded for both teachers and students and a big part of that is allowing for family members to have a shared email for multiple students. So, tell your parents that it's on the way!
Rae Leiper October 30, 2011
I love this site. I teach lower elementary and use it to keep parents informed. I would like it if we could have a parent log-in as well as a student log on. My students don't use the site, but their parents really appreciate knowing what is happening in class each week. An "e-mail all parents" option would help as well.

Also, instead of setting up classes, I'd like to be able to use my own headings for pertinent topics for parents.

ClassJump Reply to Rae Leiper:

I'm trying to imagine what a parent would see or be able to do after creating an account that is different from what they see when they simply visit your page.

We're considering allowing teachers to simply create blog (news) entries that might over-ride the classes - similar to your current news articles, except much more powerful and useful. We've got years of experience with creating RSS/XML feeds and our blog builder technology is very stable and easy to use. We're thinking this may be another option but haven't landed on the exact answer just yet.
Sandy Hausman October 31, 2011
I would like to know if the kids send you a message can it come to me as an email?
ClassJump Reply to Sandy Hausman:

Funny you should mention this. In 2012 when a student sends you a message, it will be both in your student admin area AND sent to you as an email as well! Yeah!
Diedra Flora November 1, 2011
How about an on-line quiz option?
ClassJump Reply to Diedra Flora:
We may offer a multiple-choice quiz builder in the future but not with this upgrade. Thanks Diedra!
Rae Leiper November 3, 2011
A clarification on my request for parent a log-in.

I want parents to be able to subscribe for updates and post questions and comments on the message boards. My site is aimed at parents of grade 3 students.

Jared November 6, 2011
Is it possible to have the posts that students write on the message board, be sent to a moderation queue, that the teacher must approve before they are visible?

Sometimes, I want to ask students to reply to an opinion-discussion question, but don't want them reading everyone's answers until the deadline so they can formulate their own independent response.

I'm currently using mostly Google Groups for this, but it would be even better if I could just use the message board built into Classjump.

Thanks so much!
ClassJump Reply to Jared:
An option to have a moderated message board is a good one, Jared. It's under consideration and we'll make it happen if we have the time. We're moving as fast as we can to make ClassJump better than ever and this good idea of yours might have to be scheduled for the next upgrade. We shall see!
Sonia Zizilas November 6, 2011
1. I would love to be able to add a parent email, so I can send a mass parent email.
2. We need a link that allows us to see a list of emails sent and be allowed to click on that email to read it...sort of an email history.
3. When attaching a document, we should be able to name the document so if many documents are attached, students know which one is which. Now it only is listed as Document 1, document 2, document 3, etc.
4. I agree with another person who commented on having an assigned date and a due date.
5. A calendar on the home page that allows students to click on a date to see what is due for that day?
6. Greater area for assignments to be shown instead of the "past" link. Some students don't see that and then say they didn't see the homework. The past link should then be at the bottom of the page.
Carina November 8, 2011
Hi, I am a tenth grade student. I constantly need to check classjump for different reasons, because this is where most of my teachers post homework and assignments. Although this is a very small suggestion, it would be really helpful if there was an option to stay signed into my account. Believe it or not, cumulatively, having to write my username and password every instance that I need to use the website, takes up A LOT of precious time. Thank you for considering my proposition.
ClassJump Reply to Carina:

We know about getting "logged out" as a user and we are on that one. This is called a user session in our world and hopefully our solution for the upgrade will keep your user session active and usable for as long as you wish. Thanks so much and keep up the great work! You'll go far with insightful ideas such as this!
Teddy Kelley November 11, 2011
i think there should be an online HW planner which is updated once the teacher knows the HW and kids can look on it if they couldn't fill out their planner or didn't have time to fill it out at school and then they would know the HW.
Melissa Maestu November 12, 2011
One suggestion is to send an alert to the teacher (to the registered email address) when a student/parent sends a message through classjump.

Thank for the site and all your work!
Heather November 12, 2011
I think this was mentioned, but I'm not sure it was addressed . . . I'm sure it's a long shot, but would it be possible to send out updates via text message, etc.

Love this site! Thank you!
ClassJump Reply to Heather:
Liking the text messaging idea a lot, Heather! It's not hard to do these days. Thanks for the GREAT idea - it's close the finish line, but still behind a few other big ticket items we want to make happen for you before we tackle that one.
Fabiana Cavelaris November 13, 2011
It would be nice if the website supported foreign language symbols. As of now, it doesn't.
Vicki Fountain November 14, 2011
Need to be able to archive message board posts. Students claim they have posted, but I delete them after the due date to prevent late entries. I don't have any way to prove the student didn't post.
ClassJump Reply to Vicki Fountain:

Archiving message board threads won't happen with this upgrade. Sorry, we just don't have time to make this one happen. I suggest keeping your threads active for a while after we change our system to the new one. You will be able to see the date and time of any post. If it is is late you will be able to see it is late (by time and by date) and call a student on a late submission. Does this work for you Vicki?
Shannon November 14, 2011
I think it would be nice if there was a way for a student to be able to make their own schedule. I know you already have a calendar that the teachers' posts come up on, but it would be helpful if students could type up a schedule for themselves whether it be that they type in their own assignments or they drag them from a teacher's page. Then they would have a way to look at their time and budget it, etc. It would also be cool if an alarm was added to this that goes off when you should start/finish something, but I understand that would be difficult and not required.

Thanks for your consideration!!!
ClassJump Reply to Shannon:

In the programming world, this is what we would call a "big ticket item". I agree that your idea is great, but it would take a LOT of hours and banging of heads to accomplish. We're deep in the trenches right now making the most needed upgrades happen for teachers and students and while you're suggestion is obviously a good one, we just won't have time and left-over or brain-power remaining to get to your suggestion this go-around.

We really are just two guys with four computers and we're working on this upgrade night and day for everyone at ClassJump for free (no pay checks).

Thanks much, Shannon! You're idea is on the board for the next upgrade to ClassJump!
Gary D. Riege November 18, 2011
It would be nice to have websites for clubs and things like that.
ClassJump Reply to Gary D. Riege:

There are a couple of options for your club idea that are here right now:

Option 1: Simply have the club president create a new "teacher account" at your school. Post all events for the club in that site. Easy! Lots of schools do this and it is fine to do.

Option 2: Create a school account here. This does cost money ($216 a year) but your school account allows you to do a lot with all the clubs in your school, such as create club calendars, blogs and so on.
Ariana Nussdorf November 21, 2011
I'd like to be able to have my class documents in categories or folders. For example, I like to have a "lesson notes" section and a "HW resources section" or something. Thanks!
Ariana Nussdorf November 21, 2011
I'd like to be able to upload multiple documents at once. Also, I don't like how when you change the order of your documents, you can only make them go up and down one at a time.
Sean Russo November 21, 2011
I agree with Dr. Rush's suggestion of a ticker to be able to determine how many times my webpage has been accessed.
Michael Bailey November 23, 2011
That is so cool that you're upgrading the site! Have you noticed that somebody else owns your .co domain name? Why don't you buy it from them? That way you'll own ClassJump.com AND ClassJump.co

Have you ever considered monetizing the site? You've got 500,000 users and all you'd need to do is throw up a couple of simple ads in the sidebar/header/footer that people would be interested in. Good luck with your website!

Michael Bailey
(web design & consulting expert)
ClassJump Reply to Michael Bailey:

ClassJump.com will never have advertising. No now, not ever.
Carrie Howard November 28, 2011
I would like a way to assign the same assignment on a reoccurring basis. For example, I have a reading log that is due every Friday for the entire school year. I wish there was a way for me to set this up at one time instead of having to enter the assignment week by week.
ClassJump Reply to Carrie Howard:
I think the upcoming version of ClassJump has exactly what you have in mind. We're on it for everyone here!
Alice November 29, 2011
I've always thought it would be great to have an upcoming assignments or recently updated section on the students' homepage, so that they can see their homework in all of their classes as soon as they log in.
ClassJump Reply to Alice:
Great idea, Alice! Thanks so much!

We're working hard to complete our current upgrades for everyone but your idea is a HANDS-DOWN WINNER and it's been moved to the top of the list if we have time to make it happen. Absolutely love your idea and we will try our best to bring it to the top for 2012!!!
Kyle S November 30, 2011
For the messages to and from the teacher- could you add a delete button I have messages from 3 years agoo! Thanks!
trinity December 2, 2011
I love classjump because if you are trying to lie to your mother about homework,she will get on classjump and see for herself and you will get in big trouble!:) Well,i think we should also have a calender.Not a listing calender a real calender!:)YALL ARE THE BEST CLASSJUMP!:)
ClassJump Reply to trinity:
When I originally wrote this program, it was intended just for my son and his teacher. Do you know why? So I could tell if he was telling the truth or not when I asked if he had homework! How about that?

Your note made my day! Thanks!

Robert Zimmerman

Liz Barnes December 2, 2011
I would love to see spell check! Thanks!
ClassJump Reply to Liz Barnes:
Ms Barbes,

Our upcoming text editor has a spell-check feature! I think you're going to love it!
jenny December 5, 2011
hey, this is a great thing to learn im am so glad this is so awsome it has made my day
Kyle S December 8, 2011
Thank you. You guys (and girls) are the best. Class Jump is awesome!!!! I'm so happy that you are getting upgraded. Hopefully there will be new features for me to play with.
Lois Walker December 9, 2011
I may have missed this on here, but I'd like to see an option where ALL of the class downloads don't show up together. It gets really confusing for me when I teach three different preps to see them all together. One is a year long version of a semester class, so I use some of the same materials and some different. It gets really confusing trying to find items in the long list.

For students, I'd like to see the class downloads page done by section (like unit or chapter or grading period) so that teachers can organize it where students can easily find the materials. I don't upload them to the DATE section because with six weeks tests and semester exams, they need to access notes and study guides all semester, not just on one date.
ClassJump Reply to Lois Walker:

Good news! Our new version of ClassJump, to be released later this month, will include a way for you to categorize your documents! You will be able to categorize your existing documents, and you'll be able to add documents to those categories going forward. Visitors to your site will be able to see those documents by the categories you create for them!

You may also find that the calendar where you add by date is much easier to use as well, as we will be allowing for "on-going" items that do not leave your homepage until you remove them. These on-going items can also have specific documents related to them.

I think we're releasing exactly the sort of features you are hoping for!
Kristin Kohner December 13, 2011
I would like to organize my documents into folders so that I can organize by my classes. Thanks for your hard work!
ClassJump Reply to Kristin Kohner:

Document folders are coming in 2012! Stay tuned to this channel! We're on it.
Laura Ward December 13, 2011
I love the photo album feature, but hate to upload one photo at a time. It's so time consuming, it makes me not want to include pictures. Thanks for listening.
ClassJump Reply to Laura Ward:
Ms Ward,

In the programming world, this is what we call a "big ticket item" and while you may be used to uploading multiple image files at one time through services such a Facebook and other wealthy portals,we here at ClassJump are lucky (very lucky) to have two nickles to rub together most of the time. I hope you will continue to enjoy what we do offer with our upcoming upgrade.

One suggestion would be to re-size your image files before uploading them, using what we do have right now (one file at a time). Uploading big files will take a LOT of time and you can cut that time remarkably by re-saving those images files to 500 pixels wide at 72 DPI before uploading them to ClassJump.

concepcion gama junior December 16, 2011
i am greatly excited about this upgrade so excited that that's all i have to say right now
Margaret K February 14, 2013
Thank you for keeping this ad free! I am glad that the upgrade will have an improved editor. I am asked to train the faculty in using this web site and the editing is what drives my teachers crazy. They would like to be able to add more "pizzazz" on the home page. I would also like to be able to put a picture slide show on the home page either in the picture box or as part of the welcome. It would be helpful to also be able to put PowerPoint looping presentations on too. I can't wait to explore the improvements.
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